Why A Paper Cap?

We have created a cheap and innovative way to advertise. A paper cap that enables you to design and print anything on it. It’s completely customisable. It’s easy to make and promotes customer engagement at all your activations/campaigns. Cool Cut Caps offer products that are biodegradable and unique.


Craft, Creativity & a Walking Flyer

Cool Cut Cap is a simple branded item that achieves extensive reach to target audiences at an affordable price.
Large brands purchase their Cool Cut Cap in bulk and hand out their customised “wearable flyer” at relevant events. Your customers will be protected from the sun and your brand will obtain significant advertising throughout the event.


Customised Design

Cool Cut Cap takes creativity to a new level! From a printed colouring page for the kiddies at restaurants to campaign information and a stadium full of your branding, the Cool Cut Cap has every event covered! This wouldn’t be possible without our awesome and very talented designers! We are able to customise just about any design onto your cap to make it the best representation of your brand.


The Cool Cut Peak

Check out our additional range the ‘Peak’ – we have taken branding to another level. The Cool Cut Peak is the perfect alternative to the ‘Foam Visor’. It’s a simple piece of paper that folds into a peak. Super easy to assemble and uniquely tailor-made with any design and additional shape – due to it’s unique die-cut option.


The Cool Cut Cap Ball

We are becoming more creative by the day.
We’ve added a paper ball to our portfolio!

But why a paper ball?

This interactive and fun form of advertising is a great way to ‘kick off’ your brands campaign, display your message or promote your brand! The Cool Cut Ball is a unique corporate giveaway or promotional merchandise.

We have a unique range of paper promotional merchandise, all of which can be custom-branded with your design and logo. They are perfect for all your outdoor events, charity fundraisers and more!

They have YOUR name written all over it!



  • Punch out the cap
  • Turn the cap to face numbers the right way round
  • Pull the tabs that match & overlay the arrows and numbers


  • Slide in. Slide down to cover “Slide Over Here”
  • Repeat for the rest of the numbers
  • Join the peak first by sliding in the tabs


  • Turn cap over and slot in the small tab
  • Pull through the tabs to fasten
  • Wear your COOL CUT CAP proudly!


1. Branded Frontside:

All over branding allows better impact. Our Cool Cut Cap is delivered on high-quality punch-out paper sheets with easy instructions for your customers to follow for a fun brand experience.

2. Branded Backside:

Customise the back of the Cool Cut Cap with your restaurant’s menu, a fun colouring page for kids or your event’s schedule – the possibilities are endless! Our Cool Cut Cap comes with an adjustable clip for various head sizes

Cool Cut Cap
Cool Cut Cap
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RSA: A2009/01036
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