Cool Cut Peak

The Cool Cut Peak : A new, innovative means of advertising your brand!


Taking creativity one step further, the Cool Cut Peak is the perfect addition to you brand.

With the ability to customise almost any design onto your peak and have optional free-form punching, we are able to help you represent your brand in the best way possible!

The perfect way to engage with your clients and advertise your company in an affordable and creative way!


Giving your brand the Advantage
  • Customise almost any design onto your Cool Cut Peak
  • Free-form punching option – customise the shape of your peak to best reflect your brand
  • Visible Advertising Space
  • Adjustable – suited for Adults and Children
  • Disposable and Eco-friendly
  • No plastic lamination
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • 100 % Recyclable & biodegradable
  • Fashionable and Functional Glare Protection
  • Unique and Cost-effective
  • Light and Comfortable
  • Easy to Assemble and Transport


Reach Large Audiences with Impactful Branding
  • Impactful Branding at Indoor and Outdoor Events
  • A “Walking Flyer” at Activations and Promotions
  • Practical means of branding at Outdoor Events
  • Cost – effective Give-away
  • Creative means of engaging with kiddies – Colour-in-Cap
  • Ensures a uniform appearance of your team.


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