Cool Cut Eco Cap

Eco Cool Cut Cap

Cool Cut Cap is a brand that prides itself on innovation, unique branding, cost-efficiency and eco-friendliness. We introduce your brand to ever demanding consumers, in a creative, customised, disposable format.


Through eco-consciousness, we introduce the Cool Cut Eco Cap – a fully biodegradable wearable flyer, supporting the sustainability of our resources and environment. Our green strategy focuses on managing waste and conserving energy.


We strive to offer a quality product that meets a brand’s vision to reach a large audience with a message that is novel and fun! Recipients engage with and wear the brand for a period of time and once they dispose of the Cool Cut Eco Cap, the environment is honoured.


Our Cool Cut Eco Cap reduces environmental impact in three ways:

  • No plastic lamination
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Recyclable end product


Our Cool Cut Eco Cap is chemically free, non-toxic, all natural and safer for the environment. The finish is less glossy or matt and non-reflective.

The Cool Cut Eco Cap is printed on 250GSM Card. It is supplied flat & pre-cut for easy distribution.


Don’t forget, the more you print, the more you save! (Minimum order of 2000 caps)