How It Works


  • Punch out the cap
  • Turn the cap to face numbers the right way round
  • Pull the tabs that match & overlay the arrows and numbers


  • Slide in. Slide down to cover “Slide Over Here”
  • Repeat for the rest of the numbers
  • Join the peak first by sliding in the tabs


  • Turn cap over and slot in the small tabs
  • Pull through the tabs to fasten
  • Wear your COOL CUT CAP proudly!

Sample Preview

1. Branded Frontside:

All over branding allows better impact. Our Cool Cut Cap is delivered on high-quality punch-out paper sheets with easy instructions for your customers to follow for a fun brand experience.

2. Branded Backside:

Customise the back of the Cool Cut Cap with your restaurant’s menu, a fun colouring page for kids or your event’s schedule – the possibilities are endless! Our Cool Cut Cap comes with an adjustable clip for various head sizes.

Cool Cut Cap
Cool Cut Cap
Cool Cut Cap